Louis Myles Louis Myles Director/Producer/Writer


"This is a fascinating documentary from British film-maker Louis Myles, It reminded me weirdly of The Talented Mr Ripley, or Bart Layton’s classic The Imposter, t is by turns bizarre, funny and desperately sad."
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian ★★★★

"A film every bit as fantastical, beguiling and deceptive as it's subject....From the outset, this Louis Myles directed film is a stylishly made homage to a man who became a strange kind of legend in his own right."

Noorudean Chowdrey, Joe ★★★★

"Dazzlingly brilliant"

Loaded ★★★★

Croatia : Defining a Nation

"Compelling, riveting, gripping. This is an excellent documentary and an amazing story of tragedy and triumph"

Donald McRae, The Guardian

"What I found amazing about this documentary, which I will watch again, is that it it took all these tiny little strands that I half knew about, and dovetailed it into one documentary. I mean, bloody hell. I will always now have an interest in the Croatian National side, because it is beyond sport. What an amazing piece of work." 

Elis James, Broadcaster and Comedian

"This film masterfully intwertines the narratives of war, sport and the shaping of society"
Martin Bell, ex-BBC correspondent and MP

"I found it absolutely brilliant, and fascinating. A terrific piece of work"
Tom Bradby, ITV News chief anchor

"I was born in 1995, so I didn't really experience war time, nor can I remember watching the team in 1998. Of course, I've learnt and heard many stories, but this movie gave me a really good context on how important was our football team to developing our national pride, and how much their success meant to our people.  It is painful to see how difficult was it for Croatia to gain independence, but I am incredibly proud to wear this iconic red-and-white checkers today and follow the footsteps of Prosinečki, Boban, Šuker, and other icons from that time."

Mateo Kovacic, Croatia and 3 x Champions League winner

“It was fascinating to learn about what the Croatian players went through and the circumstances they played in. I have huge respect for them. This is a film we should watch before every World Cup match.”

Borna Sosa, Croatia

The 30 year wait

"This was a really classy film, beautifully edited and shot... As channel controller, I am proud to show it on BBC2"

Patrick Holland, BBC2

"Big, insightful interviews...poignant archive. Powerful documentary."

Henry Winter,

The Times

"Loved the 30 year wait. Being a tiny part of a special club along with a mind boggling number of fans, players and staff still leaves the hairs standing on the neck."

Stan Collymore

"Good morning all. Great to wake up to so many nice m

essages about the brilliantly done Liverpool’s 30 year wait BBC documentary last night. I really appreciate everyone’s kind words. Working for and Managing @LFC was the proudest moment of my life. "

Roy Evans, Manager, Liverpool FC